One other thing Murray won’t do: He won’t say what he whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation.

“I guess the answer is, there’s somethin’ that makes it impossible to tell,” he says. “But I’ll tell ya a good story about it. I’m gettin’ on the ferry at Martha’s Vineyard, and some guy yells out from across the way, ‘Bill, what’d ya say to her?’ Everyone hears him ask, and I pause for a second with my mouth open and start to speak. And as I start to speak, the foghorn sounds, about a twenty-five-second blast, and I just”—Murray starts moving his lips silently—“I acted it out like I was saying something really sincere, and the crowd laughed so hard. It was great. I couldn’t have bought that moment.” 

—  The Master: Bill Murray. Bill Murray is 64 today.

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Allen Iverson — Philadelphia 76ers

The “Spidey” dunk

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I love college

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My phone addiction takes my Breath away. 

A very beautiful Bread


Straddle Caster 


Amenities whilst at the House of Sal. 


Basement Access. Door is always open. 

A rose? This guy is KILLIN it.


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I want you to pray right now, just for the sake of challenging yourself. I want you to find a place alone, and kneel down — against all your stubborn tendencies telling you not to — and close your eyes and think of one concentrated thought: your brother.

I want you to think of your love for him. Your fear of him dying. Your feeling of powerlessness. Your feelings of anger and frustration. Your feelings of confusion. You don’t need to ask to get anything. You don’t need to try and fix anything. You don’t need to get any answers. Just focus on every moment you’ve ever had with your brother. Reflect on every memory, from years ago, and even from just earlier today. Let the feelings wash over you. Let the feelings take you away from yourself. Let them bring you closer to him. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the unyielding and uncompromising emotion of him until you lose yourself in it.

Think about him more than you’ve ever thought about anyone before. Think about him more deeply and with more detail than you’ve ever thought about anything. Think about how incredible it is that you have a brother — that he exists at all. Focus on him until you feel like your soul is going to burst. Tell him in your heart and soul that you love him. Feel that love pouring out of you from all sides. Then get up and go be with him and your family. And you can tell your grandmother that you prayed for your brother.

Andrew W.K.


Marlon Brando before and after makeup on the set of The Godfather

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Pistol Pete Maravich — New Orleans Jazz

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Ibra199293 added me on snapchat the other day. Getting some v cool selfies. Hopefully more to come!